About CWCA

Common Wealth Conference Africa (CWCA) is a corporate gathering of all business ingathering in the African continent, signifying, hope for modern economies and the rise of the United States of Africa.CWCA is a regional financial centre for Africa. Africa needs a financial hub to intermediate the large flows of foreign capital that will be required to rebuild the continent.CWCA shall deal with the redressing of financial systems of the African nations, as to mobilise capital, investment and trading with, many African nations.


To change the economic policy of Africa.To establish an avenue for global networking.
To promote the strength of African human capital in order to supersede capitalism.
To create awareness of the new economy emerging.
To combat ‘protectionism’ that encourages fixed prices, benefiting non-Africans and to introduce free trading among all Africans.


To deal away with global ‘financial supremacy’.
To give a platform to financial freedom.
To raise African Millionaires & Billionaires.
To build a financial bridge between Africa, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, Australia, South America and North America.
To develop an African culture of business diligence and excellence.To create a cooperative method of banking, trading and investment.