Common Wealth Conference Africa (CWCA) was adopted in 2013 by B.J Langa (The Apostle), as a vehicle to mobilize African business to a common goal – to re-establish itself through knowledge economics, in order to develop and built an African Economy equilibrium to the global economy. The idea was to create a platform for existing businesses to have recognition throughout the continent of Africa and a platform for inventions and innovative tanks to realise our continental potential of human capital, and use it as our trading strength.

Common Wealth Conference Africa (CWCA) shall serve as a beacon mark for times of ‘reformation’ of the true wealth of the African communities. It shall become an advocate of business presentation and opportunities for all Africans, and the advocate of social cohesion with the global world. It shall become a forerunner of legitimate and lucrative businesses around the world that seeks to improve ordinary persons lives. Common Wealth Conference
Africa is a partner to the global communities, corporate world and with the interest to promote the inclusive New Economy for the betterment of our people.

Aims & Objective

- To change the economic policy of Africa.
- To establish an avenue for global networking.
- To promote the strength of African human capital in order to supersede capitalism.
- To create awareness of the new economy emerging.
- To combat ‘protectionism’ that encourages fixed prices, benefiting non-Africans and to introduce free trading among all Africans.
- To deal away with global ‘financial supremacy’.
- To give a platform to financial freedom.
- To raise African Millionaires & Billionaires.
- To build a financial bridge between Africa, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, Australia, South America and North America.
- To develop an African culture of business diligence and excellence.
- To create a cooperative method of banking, trading and investment.


B.J Langa (The Apostle)
CEO of Africa Economy Network
President of ECOFORUM
President of ETUSA
Royal Partner of FUTURENET – PORSCHE17

M.C Nolutshungu – Sir FERRARI
Royal Partner of FUTURENET
Sponsor in Africa